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Wondershare dr.fone - Android Toolkit(Win)/Backup & Restore(Win)/Recover(Win)/Transfer(Win)/iOS Switch (Win)/Erase(Win)/Unlock(Win)/Recover(Mac)/Transfer(Mac) All in one package 30% Off

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dr.fone – Android Toolkit(Win) Origin Price; $79.95 USD Price Now; $56.76 USD
dr.fone – Backup & Restore(Win) Origin Price; $19.95 USD Price Now; $14.16 USD
dr.fone – Recover(Win) Origin Price; $49.95 USD Price Now; $35.46 USD
dr.fone – Transfer(Win) Origin Price; $39.95 USD Price Now; $28.36 USD
dr.fone – Switch(Win) Origin Price; $39.95 USD Price Now; $28.36 USD
dr.fone – Erase(Win) Origin Price; $19.95 USD Price Now; $14.16 USD
dr.fone – Unlock(Win) Origin Price; $49.95 USD Price Now; $35.46 USD
dr.fone – Recover(Mac) Origin Price; $59.95 USD Price Now; $42.56 USD
dr.fone – Transfer(Mac) Origin Price; $49.95 USD Price Now; $35.46 USD

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dr.fone – Android Transfer 25% Off Now 39.99 25% Off
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dr.fone – Android&iOS Switch 25% Off Now 39.99 25% Off
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Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android – Recover Deleted Files, Contacts, Messages and Images

How To Use Dr Fone For Android To Recover Deleted Lost Data On Android Phone Tablet PC

Wondershare dr.fone toolkit for Android is made to get back lost data from Android Mobile Phone based upon smartphones. The Android Data Recovery can Restore Any kind of Lost Sms Messages, Contacts, Photos, Docs, Audio Files, Movies, Calendar Records, Personal Files and much more From The Sdcard.

Just link the mobile phone to any Mac or pc using the phone’s data wire and then connect the stick to the same computer system via a Universal serial bus port. When both devices are linked; run the built-in application on the Android System Recovery USB Stick and get back all the data files you are searching for with the easy mouse click. It is so easy!

Wondershare dr.fone toolkit for Android Main Functions

  • Android Data Recovery: The function allows you to restore several document types, supporting more than Six thousand Android gadgets, also it can get data files from damaged Samsung mobile phones, that is considered to be very hard for even specialists.
  • Android mobile phone File Transfer: It can backup data between Android mobile phone gadgets and local computer system. Additionally, it supports moving device-to-device, and i-tunes both in directions.
  • Dr. Fone Switch: Customers can engage in the function when it’s necessary to move the whole gadget content from one mobile phone to a new one. It provides special support to move between Android and iOS, executing the situated format’s conversions. The complete process is completed in a few mouse-clicks switching it in an exceedingly simple to use software.
  • Android Back-up & Recover: Provides innovative back-up and repair capabilities, allowing customers to execute discerning work, ie. Specific files or simply choose the full gadget. It is very important note the extended support for almost any Android mobile phone.
  • Android Data Erase: The function is important if selling or or offering the current mobile phone. In these circumstances, it is vital to get rid of the private info in a definitive way, in order that it can not be restored in any way.
  • Android Unlock: It removes the most typical screen-lock types, which includes pattern, Pin number, security password and finger prints. The complete process needs a few seconds and does not change or lose the data. Additionally, it supports the majority of mobile phone brands running on Android.
  • Dr. Fone Android Root: When it’s required to recover the Android device to manufacturing facility state, it is unquestionably the best and safest alternative. By using this software, no specialised expertise is necessary to execute an Android root.
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Bruno Hertle
Bruno Hertle
3 years ago

I am very happy! It did the work that both the Apple and Verizon transfer applications couldn’t.Those applications did not transfer the text messages but Wondershre dr fone app did. It is really worth the money.And I utilized it to back up WhatsApp personal message from apple iphone to android os.it work effectively but need time to restore.left both the mobile phones overnight for backup and recover, in the morning all were transferred.

Leonardo Akerson
Leonardo Akerson
3 years ago

I Ordered the Wondershare Dr Fone to move my personal whatsapp information from my old Android os to a different apple iphone. I initially got the wrong item in the Dr Fone bundle however with superb support from the technology team,I was allowed to switch to the right bundle and transmitted my messages quickly with no difficulties. Wonderful!

Darin Rauth
Darin Rauth
3 years ago

I was trying many program for transport the Whatsapp files. but I cann’t do that. then I searched on the internet and asked from mobile phone repairing marketplace they recommend me to use wondershare dr fone app. I quickly bought the dr.fone — Restore Social Application Licence for 1-year Membership & installed it.Now I easily moved the whatsapp data via google android to iphone. Great Wonder share app.

2 years ago

Wondershare Good assistance: Dr.Fone gives great guidelines for making the best of the software program, which includes rooting the mobile phone and dealing with debugging resources. Site help is clear-cut and easy to go by. Though this program took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to recover the data, it executed much better than anticipated. 1000s of pictures, plenty of movies, and tons of texts were found after being previously erased.