A mind map is usually a visual representation of ideas or subjects in a radial, non-linear manner.Edraw Mind maps are used to visualize, manage, and classify ideas, making them ideal for analyze aids, organizing data, problem-solving, writing and making decisions. Additionally it is a superb creativity improving application. From your daily schedule to your life goal, mind map could be a fantastic assistant to suit your needs.

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Edraw Mind Map program helps make presentation-looking mind maps on Microsoft windows Computer. It enables you to add shapes and layout the full diagram automatically, without any drawing abilities required. You’ll adore its effective drawing functions, along with 1000s of built-in cut arts that can be used to brighten the mind maps for free. Enjoy producing Mind Maps on Microsoft windows Computer utilizing this easy-to-use software program.

The reason why Choose Edraw Mind Map App?

  • Intelligent drawing technique helps you to make and layout the mind map immediately. Drawing could not be simpler!
  • Plenty of high-quality topics, illustrations and themes.
  • Supports large size mind map and retractable subjects.
  • Support adding hyperlinks, attachments and hints.
  • Themes, effects and fast styles help make professional-looking mind maps swiftly.
  • Make demonstration easily with a simple click.
  • Generics graphic types support and WYSIWYG publishing.
  • Edraw Max, a different all-in-one diagram program, can be obtained for business usage.
  • Ready-Made Icons for Mind Map
  • The following symbols can be purchased if you want to brighten the mind maps.

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After you chosen the perfect mind map theme for your requirements, you develop the chart by pulling components from the EDraw Mindmap Collections on the left to the main interface. You can relabel, modify and move every element till it precisely represents the concept in your mind. EDraw Mindmap elements are varied, which range from simple mathematical shapes to globally identifiable symbols and even floor plans and fashion design elements.

Professional Mind Map Application –Edraw MindMaster

MindMaster is a cross-platform and multi-functional mind mapping program. It includes efficient mind mapping solutions for problem-solving, brainstorming, knowledge management, business planning, note-taking, as well as project management. People can take advantage of from a wide range of amazing features like user-friendly interface, abundant layout options, beautiful symbols and cliparts, top quality preset themes, import and export, and a large selection of themes.MindMaster provides a free version that is already good enough for many people’s requirements, and the Pro edition helps people to get into higher features like high DPI support, cloud collaboration, etc. MindMaster has been well received by world-wide enthusiasts since launch, and it goals to be a superior and competent mind mapping application with leading edge functions and high user experience.

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