Java Burn is a natural, tasteless weight loss solution that you can easily incorporate into your daily coffee. This fantastic product is commonly utilized to improve your metabolism, helping you to burn fat and lose weight more quickly. This very effective coffee additive is available in handy packets that dissolve rapidly in hot or cold liquids.

Green Tea Extract, L-theanine, and Chromium are among the antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals found in the Java Burn recipe. You won’t experience any adverse side effects because it’s safe and natural. Scientific studies have shown that Java Burn, owing to its unique components, can boost your metabolism for exceptional results. John Barban designed Java Burn to assist people in reaching their target weight. It comes in 30 individually wrapped pouches for oral intake regularly.

What is Java Burn?

Java Burn is a natural dietary supplement made from plant extracts that could help boost metabolism to induce healthy weight loss. It is a first-of-its-kind supplement that is designed to be infused with coffee and consumed on a daily basis. The Java Burn formula was developed by health and fitness educator John Barban, who is an alumnus of the University of Florida and one of the leading experts in weight loss and metabolism today.

Java Burn comes in the form of an instantly dissolving powder. A single pouch of Java Burn contains 30 one-time-use packets of the supplement. This means you won’t have to deal with the hassle of measurements. All you have to do is infuse a single packet of the supplement into your daily morning coffee to make a coffee drink. It is completely flavorless as our research team has found out, which means it won’t affect the taste and texture of your coffee. So regular coffee drinkers and coffee enthusiasts can rest assured that it will not compromise the integrity of their coffee.

According to John Barban, this formula is designed to work for everyone regardless of age and gender. The formula is also purely vegetarian and contains a blend of plant extracts, amino acids, and antioxidants that are capable of speeding up metabolism and aiding the fat-burning process. Before I tell you about these ingredients, let us first look at the brains behind this formula.

How does Java Burn work?

This formula is said to act on those unused fats in the body. It does come packed with   powerful ingredients which can influence the body to get rid of those excess fats. First, it increases rate of metabolism. This will see energy levels soar through the roof, leading to melting down of fats which is later released as energy.  This continuous process will see you lose huge junks of body fats, thus weight loss.

Java Burn Pros

  • Great packaging
  • Easy to order it only
  • Customers get a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Sold online

Java Burn Cons

  • Not currently available in public market place
  • It could see you suffer side effects
  • Results said to vary
  • Not some sort of magical way to lose weight
  • Claims seem cooked

Metabolism Speed

This is the apparent part and the most familiar to anyone who wants to lose weight. If you’re going to burn more fat and calories, you need to speed up your metabolism.

This is a fundamental, well-known tenet at the base of the fat-burning process typical of many weight loss supplements or programs.

Java Burn is no exception.

The speed of metabolism also called metabolic rate, is the number of calories you burn in a given time, say your daily calorie expenditure.

The speed of metabolism is why some people seem to eat what they want without gaining weight, while others seem to accumulate fat much more quickly, no matter how little they eat.

Several factors determine the speed of metabolisms, such as age, body size, and gender. As a general rule, the more muscle tissue you carry, the faster your metabolism is because muscle cells require more energy to maintain than fat cells.

However, as we get older, we tend to lose muscle mass and gain fat, which leads to a slowing of metabolism.

To offset this situation, we must strive to keep the metabolic rate high or increase it when it has slowed down. This can be achieved in several ways, including but not limited to drinking coffee (that alone is not enough).

The Java Burn formula contains some ingredients proven to increase metabolic rate in addition to coffee effectively.


Java Burn comes in the form of a powder that comes in small sachets. Each sachet contains approximately 2.5g of powder, and each box has 30 sachets of this type. The manufacturer suggests one serving every 24 hours, although two can be consumed. There are no fake components or fillers in the mixture. One sachet of Java Burn should be put into a glass of water, coffee, milk or yogurt. You can’t taste it because it has no flavour. It doesn’t matter what you mix it with. The flavour won’t change because there’s no taste. Although Java Burn works effectively in all combinations, coffee is its perfect companion since it increases bodily activation and energy levels, allowing it to function synergistically with Java Burn components.

Java Burn – Ingredients

The first thing that I did when Dr. Alvarez first handed me the supplement was to run my eyes through the ingredient label. There are 5 specific ingredients used in the Java Burn formula – all extracted from plants and herbs. There is complete transparency regarding the ingredients. You can find the list of ingredients printed on the backside of the pouch, including the specific amounts in which each is used.

Now I’ve seen some of these ingredients used before in some natural dietary supplements I’ve reviewed. But I’ve never seen all these ingredients used together in this specific combination. And that could be the deciding factor behind the success of the supplement because when it comes to medications and supplements, the combination is key.

However, since the ingredients used in the Java Burn Formula, although they are extracted from plants, are in the form of amino acids and antioxidants, I thought I’d tell you a bit about them. There are numerous research articles publicly available about these ingredients that you too can access if you go to online medical databases and libraries, like the National Center for Biotechnology Information, for example.

Nonetheless, reading through hundreds and hundreds of articles about an ingredient can tiring and is also unnecessary unless you are a medical researcher. That’s why I’ll be giving you concise descriptions of each of these ingredients based on my knowledge and research.

  • L-Carnitine– Now, unless you are a professional athlete, the chances you’ve heard about this ingredient before are less. L-carnitine is an amino acid that plays a significant role in human metabolism. It is the amino acid that helps transport fatty acids for energy production and also participates in the process of removing the products of metabolism from the cells. That’s why athletes take l-carnitine supplements for improved exercise performance and recovery. 
  • Chromium– Most of you might only know Chromium to be a metal. However, just like iron, Chromium also plays a significant role in the human body. Trivalent chromium is considered an essential trace element in humans and is necessary for insulin, sugar, and lipid metabolism. This nutrient helps suppress appetite and treats insulin resistance, thereby enhancing the fat burn process. It helps metabolize macronutrients like proteins and carbohydrates and also helps keep blood sugar levels in check. 
  • Green tea extract – Green Tea is regularly suggested to not just those struggling with a weak metabolism or weight gain issues, but even those who are simply health-conscious and want to lead a better lifestyle. There is conclusive scientific evidence supporting the benefits of green tea and there is no doubt that it can help with metabolism and weight loss and there. The Java Burn formula however doesn’t contain green tea in its commonly available form, but rather Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which is extracted from green tea and is much more potent. Studies have even discovered that EGCG can even help reduce LDL cholesterol.
  • L-Theanine– L-theanine is another green tea extract that is as effective as EGCG. It has been declared safe for consumption by the FDA as a dietary supplement. However, L-theanine is one of those ingredients that are still being studied and discussed in professional natural health research communities for its vast array of potential benefits including healthy weight loss, reduced psychological stress, enhanced cognitive function, improved sleep, and even alleviation of menstrual discomfort. 
  • Chlorogenic Acid – Chlorogenic Acid is a natural antioxidant found in coffee beans.  Now, if you are wondering why not just drink coffee, the answer is that you would have to keep on drinking coffee the whole day. The Java Burn formula on the other hand gives you a concentrated amount of chlorogenic acid that is required for the body. Several research studies have discovered that chlorogenic acid can help prevent weight gain. It has also been shown to block insulin resistance induced by high-fat diets and has potential anti-diabetic effects. This natural phytochemical can help balance blood pressure levels and also inhibit the development of liver steatosis.

Java Burn Benefits

1. Jump Start Your Diet

One of the hardest parts of any diet is biting the bullet and getting started. The use of Java Burn supplements for weight loss will often help you jump start your diet. This is especially true for people who have difficulty losing weight despite exercising and dieting. Keep in mind, however, that it’s best to take them under the supervision of a doctor and that they’re only recommended if you have a body mass index above 30.

2. Appetite Suppression

One of the most effective ways to curtail overeating and help you lose weight is to use methods that suppress your hunger so that you end up eating less. Drinking plenty of water is a popular way to achieve this, but Java Burn supplements can also be effective. That’s because they contain appetite-suppressing ingredients.

How to Avoid Java Burn Scams

This one word can be so controversial. While many people drink coffee to help with weight loss, sleep, or focus, increasing evidence over the years has shown that it can also have negative effects on your health – especially if you buy an inferior product on some third-party marketplace that is essentially a Java Burn ripoff scam. While you now know all the perks of John Barban’s Java Burn coffee supplement mix packets, if you are drinking coffee to lose weight and build muscle at the same time then you may need another cup of your favorite caffeinated drink after reading this section so you know how to avoid the online scams! Whether drinking coffee is good or bad for your metabolic rate has long been debated among nutritionists and healthcare professionals, but there is no question that buying a fake Java Burn product will result in dangerous side effects and serious negative adverse reactions.

Thankfully, John Barban in all of his years and wisdom of formulating industry-leading health supplements, knows there is one way to cut down on the scams, as well as help consumers save big money upon ordering. And that is, to make the product ONLY available on the official website This cuts out all of the middlemen and unnecessary snake oil reseller agents online.

Not only does Java Burn go through rigorous testing measures to ensure potency quality and purity, but ordering via the official website will allow all customers to be protected by the rock-solid no-hassle money-back guarantee of 60 days, or two months from the time of purchase. Let’s wrap up this Java Burn review to see if the coffee enhancing weight loss supplement is the all-day-long metabolism booster you should be ordering today.

Java Burn Final Verdict

Java Burn Extra Strength may help your body stay in ketosis. There are not many reviews for this product, and those that we found were varied; some individuals stated the supplements worked well, and others said it didn’t work for them. Based on the ingredients, this product should help your body stay in ketosis.