SysTools Outlook Recovery is a program that efficiently fixes damaged PST data and retrieves completely deleted e-mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals. The program is also ideal for fixing destroyed and damaged PST data, no matter what the level of damage. There aren’t any limitations when it comes to file size as SysTools Outlook Recovery works with Unicode PST type.

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SysTools Outlook Recovery is really an superior and updated recovery formula developed to retrieve damaged and deleted data in Microsoft windows Outlook. By using SysTools Outlook Recovery, customers can’t only restore lost Outlook PST data, but can also recover the lost data to different types. Recovered data could be then changed into Monosodium glutamate or EML data types for which the program even offers identifying convention.

SysTools Outlook Recovery grants customers the cabability to get damaged and unavailable data even if the PST file is protected by a security password or an orphan data. It is one of the abilities, among others, which make SysTools Outlook Recovery a trendy software among companies that cope with and handle plenty of data. With its abilities, it is no surprise SysTools Outlook Recovery is frequently used by data specialists, technique administrators, and others that deal with data and recovery.

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