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I was hesitant to use any form that I needed to pay for, however this actually has turned into a form builder for many of my work. From acquiring leads, to registration and accepting payments, 123FormBuilder does it all at a good price. It may also help that the forms look nice on any web site & page it’s embedded in.

I do think some of the limitations versus cost might be adjusted, however if you are accumulating money from your efforts and using the freemium edition, you will be fine.

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123formbuilder is really a great tool which has a quantity of people. I use the resource to make feedback forms that can be setup on a Web address and delivered to customers, then every time a consumer completes the form, I get an e-mail with the suggestions. I can also login to access all the data. The other usage is for an on-line test — I create a quantity of versions and one is picked at random, and an IP block to avoid people from taking the quiz more than once each day. The correct answer could be configured, then scores are recorded together in a table, with the choice to download as a csv. There are lots of functions that could be added to the forms and it is easy to create something that looks nice.

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