SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Program is known as a impressive and safe solution to restore completely deleted data from pen drive. The program was developed in a way that it can get and recover data even though format the pen drive Usb Drive / Pen Drive. It supports recovery from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted pen drives and recover data after formatting pen drive in a few mouse clicks.

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Recovery abilities

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery provides you with an opportunity to choose from various recovery situations, including normal data, deleted folders and files, or formatted dividers.

After the process of recovery, the software shows the scan document with details about the chosen drive, total size, read bytes, and quantity of scanned folders and files.

You will see all detected data in a tree-like demonstrate. Furthermore, you are eligible to execute searches through the list with search engine results and preview or extract the chosen file. The chosen items and files could be stored to a favored place of your disk.

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Final conclusion

With that said, SysTools Pen Drive Recovery provides a easy program solution for helping anyone restore data from pen drives, and could be acquired by newbies and specialists as well.